Carl Anderson

In 1980, a siding contractor by the name of Carl Anderson concluded that the method of using 2x4s nailed together, wooden walk planks, wooden cross bracing, and the pump-jacks available at the time to work on the side of buildings were just too dangerous.

Appreciating what it meant to not get hurt, and be able to work another day, Carl decided to do something about it. Carl then designed and created what is still recognized as the best pump-jack system available today.

What began as the first upgrade to the industry, the Alum-A-Pole, an entire system was then designed while working with the head compliance officer of OSHA in Washington, D.C., Mr. Bill Simms. Stringent tests were performed, and the Alum-A-Pole Scaffolding System was the first system to be approved to a 50' shoulder working height, far surpassing the 30 foot height maximum allowed by OSHA. Joinable walk boards soon came along, as well as the Simms Saf-T-Net and End Rails.

In 39 years, there has not been a single accident with the Alum-A-Pole Scaffolding System when our instructions, and OSHA guidelines are followed.

Carl Anderson also introduced the first solid vinyl trim coil, Pro-Trim Durobend in 1989, and the Alum-A-Brake Siding Brake in 2004.

Alum-A-Pole Coorporation takes great pride in continuing to provide the highest quality pump-jack scaffolding, siding brake, and solid vinyl coil products available today.


The Alum-A-Scaff features square rungs for superior strength, and aggressive anti-slip decking design. The Alum-A-Scaff decking also allows for easier drainage of rain, and melting snow.

The Alum-A-Scaff handles are designed so that the walkboards can be secured together at a Pro-Jack with the Saf-T-Lock chain to form an infinitely joinable walkway. They are made of a super-tough, industrial grade nylon in order to insure their capacity for this purpose.

Pole Sheet

In 1980, the first aluminum pump-jack pole, which was named the Alum-A-Pole, was invented, designed, and patented by Carl E. Anderson.

Complete system components soon came along and stringent testing was ongoing.

Up to that time, the maximum height allowed by OSHA on pump-jack pole systems was 30'.

In 1983, all test data was submitted to OSHA for review with a request that a 50' shoulder working height to be allowed in the Alum-A-Pole Scaffolding System.

With the Alum-A-Pole that lab tested to 5,000 lbs. and the new telescopic Pro--Jack tested to 3,000 lbs., Alum-A-Pole Corporation received a letter of compliance for a 50' shoulder working height on its scaffolding system. This upgrade to the height to which pump-jack scaffolding could be used, was and still is today, the greatest upgrade ever made in the pump-jack scaffolding industry.


The Alum-A-Pole is made with special structural aluminum, that will not split, bend, crack nor warp with normal usage. Out rubber is made with a compound that is specially formulated for Alum-A-Pole, and is guaranteed not to delaminate for the life of the pole. That rubber is then installed using high-grade solid aluminum rivets. Alum-A-Poles come in 24-foot, 18-foot, 12-foot and 6-foot lengths. Each pole also includes 4 permanent safety stops to insure the joint stays safe in place.


The Pro-Jack features 3 distinct safety mechanisms: the Axial Perma-Clutch, the Saf-T-Brake, and the Auto-Glide.

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