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The Alum-A-Pole Scaffolding System

  • The Alum-A-Pole Scaffolding System provides the ability to work comfortably and safely at the exact height required.

  • Multiple safety features.

  • Rugged and portable.

  • Easy assembly and one-person operation is possible.

  • Stackable, Alum-A-Poles can be quickly spliced and used to a 50' OSHA recognized maximum shoulder working height.

  • Joinable horizontally to provide a non-overlapping walkway.

  • Square runged aluminum staging provides superior strength.

  • System packages available.

*Alum-A-Scaff is 2-Man Rated A1424 - 14”W x 24’L. (Other sizes available)


Scaffolding How-To's

Click on any item below to view set-up tips. Always be sure to read and follow all instructions that
come with each product. Follow all local and OSHA governmental regulations for pumpjack scaffolding.

Install Joint - Video | Images

Install Saf-T-Net System - Video | Images

Install Brace on Pole - Video | Images

Install Pro-Bench attachment to Jack -
Video | Images

Walk Up Alum-A-Pole - Video | Image

• Putting Pro-Jack with Brace to Pole -
Video | Images

Walk up 2nd Alum-A-Pole - Video | Image

• Putting Rubber facing away from building -
Video | Images

Install Foldable Top Brace to Building -
Video | Image

• Images of the Pro Jack and Bench on Poles -
Video | Images

Install Bottom Brace - Video | Images

• Setting up Scaffold - Video | Images

Install Scaffolds - Video | Images

• Install Mudcap - Video | Images

Install Scaffold Chains - Video | Images

Pumping Up Scaffolding -
Video | Images

Install Scaffold End Rail System -
Video | Images

Lowering the Scaffolding -
Video | Images


Additional Scaffolding How-To's

Access Via a Ladder

In order to access the scaffolding system via a ladder (when it is pumped up), you would place the ladder to the far left or right, just before the pole, where it is placed to lean on the walk-board that you stand on, so it goes between the one you stand on and the one that is behind you on the Alum-A-Scaff. (Some people like to leave the system pumped up at night so it does not get stolen.)


Scaffolding FAQ

What is the maximum width of the Alum-A-Pole System?

Our system can be linked together horizontally indefinitely. The Alum-A-Scaffs have a male and female end that can be nested on the jack/bench and secured with the Saf-T-Chain. This can be done repeatedly as needed.

What is the maximum height of the Alum-A-Pole System?

The system is approved to a 50' shoulder working height by OSHA.

What is the Alum-A-Pole rate and max weight?

Our system is 2-man/500 pounds rated.

What is the longest Alum-A-Scaff (walkboard) you make?

Our longest Alum-A-Scaff is 24 feet. The system would become bouncy if the poles are more than 24 feet apart, possibly destabilizing the system. This is true for all scaffolding poles.

Can Alum-A-Pole be used with another manufacturer's equipment?

Do not intermix other manufacturer's products with Alum-A-Pole Scaffolding, as stated in our instructions. Therefore, in order to assure your safety, parts of our system simply won't connect properly to other manufacturer's products.

Does your Saf-T-Net or End Rail System work with another manufacturer's walkboard?

No. Our Saf-T-Nets and End Rails are designed to fit our Alum-A-Scaffs only, and will not attach properly to another manufacturer's walkboard.

Does Alum-A-Scaff conduct electricity?

Yes. All pumpjack scaffolding systems conduct electricity.

Do you sell direct?

No, but we have great distributors waiting to serve you! Please contact us at 1-800-421-2586 for a distributor near you.



My jack is slipping on the pole. What should I do?

Please check the following common issues:

- Is the rubber on your Alum-A-Pole facing away from the building? If not, please turn the pole around.

- Is your APC Bolt finger tight? Do not use a wrench to tighten.

- Check your springs and rollers. You should have 4 springs. There are 2 on the lower posi and 2 on the upper posi. If you are missing any springs or your rollers are flat or worn, please contact us for replacement parts at 1-800-421-2586.


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