Alum-A-Brake Ultima Q Series

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Alum-A-Pole Corporation, the leader in the pump-jack scaffolding industry for over 40 years, is proud to bring the building trades the same high-quality production standards with our Alum-A-Brake product line!

With 3 options available in the Alum-A-Brake Ultima "Q" Series, the Alum-A-Brake is the best brake in its class to depend on for fast, clean, crisp bends. With a 19 1/2" throat depth, you can work faster, saving valuable time on the job site. Combine with our accessories, and your professional package is complete!

• Easy, efficient hemming!
• Power lock snap for superior secure clamping!
• Replaceable hardened stainless steel jaw cover edge
• Replaceable PVC bending hinge edge
• Fold-up comfortable bending handles
• Ribbed frame castings for greater durability
• Anodized aluminum parts prevent metal oxidation discoloration transfer to material year after year
• Designed for easy installation of all Alum-A-Brake accessories and upgrades

Alum-A-Brake Ultima QS Quick Setup

Alum-A-Brake Ultima QCS Q-Cut System

Alum-A-Brake Ultima QMS Quick Measuring System

Alum-A-Brake Ultima Q Series Upgrade Parts

Alum-A-Brake Ultima Q Series Accessories

• 10' 6" Alum-A-Brake - Work 3 to 5 times faster!

• No other brake comes close!

• Work much faster - without a pencil. Hems, cuts and bends all common material including vinyl coil.

Alum-A-Brake in action

Alum-A-Brake Videos

General Use

General Use - Video | Images

Bending Handles

Bending Handles - Video | Images

Installing Alum-A-Legs

Installing Alum-A-Legs - Video | Images

Cutting Coil

Cutting Coil - Video | Images

Bending Coil

Bending Coil - Video | Image

Hemmimg Material

• Hemming Material -Video | Images

Repeat Cuts

Repeat Cuts - Video | Image

Maximizers on the QMS

• Maximizers on the QMS - Video | Images

Measuring Arms on the QMS

• Measuring Arms on the QMS -
Video | Images

Measuring Arms and Cutting on the QMS

• Measuring Arms and Cutting on the QMS - Video | Images

Measuring Arms

• Measuring Arms - Video | Images

Alum-A-Brake Table

• Alum-A-Brake Table - Video | Images

Coil Holder

Coil Holder - Video | Images

Coil Holder in Use

• Coil Holder in Use - Video | Images

Coil on Holder Install

Coil on Holder Install - Video | Images

Coil Holder Install

Coil Holder Install - Video | Images

Coil Holder on Table Install

Coil Holder on Table Install - Video | Images

Table Install

Coil Holder on Table Install - Video | Images

Alum-A-Pole Scaffolding & Brake

Coil Holder


Alum-A-Brake FAQ

What is the bending capacity of the Alum-A-Brake?

Our brake can bend 28 gauge soft steel, 16 ounce copper, .024 soft aluminum, and of course, our Pro-Trim Vinyl Coil.

What is the throat depth of the Alum-A-Brake?

The Alum-A-Brake has a throat depth of 19 inches.

What is the largest/longest brake you make?

The Alum-A-Brake comes in 3 sizes: 5'11", 7'10", and 10'6".

Is the brake made in the USA?



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